What Ninova

Ninova is located in the western part of the Dicle river. The capital of the Ashur State. Ninova city is next to modern Musul city. Many civilizations of the Assyrian and Babylonias.
Ninova the center of the Asur city, is on the eastern side of the Dicle river. Ninova is next to Musul the Ninos who founded the city of Ninova are ruled by the Assyrian State survived 1300 years .
Sartnabal build a Kerkuk city and put the name “Kerhsuluh” in B.C. 800 Kerh means city of Keldani language. Suluh Sartnabal’s reel name.

Features of the Ninova city and Ninova Library

One of the oldest inhabited regions of the world, Ninova is on ancient city. Archaeologists are digging this area for research. They are search anciest civilizations in the Ninova area. When asked the archaeologistes why are you the city of Ninova archaeologistes answered we researching gather information about civilizations of Ashur and Babylon.
When you look at the cities in the region where the Ninova city is located, the towns at all nation s are established by the Assyrians. After the Assyrians all the cities are dominated by Babylon. After the Babylon took over the region Musul became a popular. So Ninova city loses its old valve.