About Us

The Kaya Ninova Hotel is located on the ground floor of the Mardin castle and near the Mar Hirmis Church, in the unique beaty of the Mesopotamia.

The Kaya Ninova Hotel likes dreams under the stars, surrounded by historic streets and shopping centers. It gives you history. It has 46 rooms , 86 beds , 75 persons indoor restaurant and total 600 persons restaurant.

İsmail Kaya; was borned in 1962 years of Mardin Kabala Municipality. When he is a boy starts to work with his father . He exported to middle east market in 1982. He moved to İstanbul in 1990 for business life. He established Gökhan Gold and foreign trade company in 1993. İsmail Kaya was the 4th place in İstanbul Beyazıt tax record, holder in 2009. He is stil investing business life .

Kaya Ninova Hotel which is the most luxurious hotel of Mardin. The Kaya Ninova Hotel offers the best food of Mardin city its customers. You will enjoy the Mardinian city while you meals are prepared in hygienic conditions. In Kaya Ninova Hotel you will fell like at home .